• Penal actions (including the cases of Public Funds Prosecution)
  • Civil actions
  • Personal status cases
  • Wakf ,Tenancy, Real Estate and Property Management cases
  • Labor litigations
  • Commercial and Business litigations
  • Tax litigations
  • Indemnity lawsuits
  • Social Insurance, Labor office, Industrial Security and Occupational Safety & Health litigations
  • Appeals against the administrative decisions of  Public Authorities and Governmental Ministries
  • Auction, Biding, Accounting and Supply Legal Disputes
  • Economic Courts cases
  • Banking disputes
  • Military Justice as well as the Military Service lawsuits
  • Commercial Frauds and Artistic Works litigations
  • Construction litigations (  Building , Demolishing, Upgrading, Adding and Dividing Permits as well as Appealing against  removing and renovating decisions and Arresting them)
  • Citizenship litigations or any  Legal dispute related to The Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration

Inquiry and Collection

  • Inquire about persons, individuals and companies and submit a detailed report about the client within 48 hours which help, the banks, the mortgage companies, the financial institutions, the Real Estate investment companies and the companies applying the installment system to reach a definite decision about the applicants who need loan or facilities; which prevent the risk of money loss while dealing with clients of bad reputation or who had been sentenced and become financially unable.
  • Inquiry also allows the foreign companies, agents, distributors and commercial representation offices, in case of its desire to assign a contract of agency, of distributor or of broker; to ensure the ability of the concerned companies to fulfill its contractual obligations.

Arbitrage and customary justice


  • Providing all kind of legal, economic and financial services once it’s needed, as well as preparing the feasibility studies, the financial analysis, the company evaluation and liquidation.
  • Providing the economic and legal advice about the company legal form matching the required type of activity, whether it is a fund company such as:
  • (Stock Company – Partnership Limited by Shares – Limited Company)
  • Or Partnership such as:
  • (Joint Company – Limited Partnership – Particular Partnership)
  • Setting the interior system of the company, as well as providing all the needed documents and examples.
  • Approving the minutes of the board of directors meeting in Stock Companies
  • Approving the ordinary and the extra-ordinary general meetings, as well as approving the company budget
  • Transmission of shares
  • Conclusion of Commutative Contracts
  • Conclusion of Companies Amalgamation Contracts
  • Registration of Agency Contracts
  • Evaluation of Companies assets
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • Getting the certificate of commence business
  • Getting the needed licenses to practice a various activities such as: (Industrial – financial – tourism – commercial – administrative – Agricultural scientific – air sea and land shipping  and loading, activity) as well as the necessary license to the launch of Satellite Channels, Newspapers and Magazines or the foundation of  Associations and Institutions.
  • Opening branches for the Foreign Companies in Egypt
  • Launch Offices to represent Foreign Institutions, Companies and Banks in Egypt
  • Special Department for the Bankruptcy
  • Managing the Bankruptcy procedures and disputes

Real Estate Management

  • Managing buildings, real estates, touristic and residential private compounds via providing the services of Legal Accounting and Security
  • Taking up Wakf   and  managing it via collecting the rent , paying the  maintenance fees and handling the legal matters

Registration and Authentication

Deeds and Title Registration:

  • Registration of the selling verdicts delivered by the Division Committee in Al-Awkaf
  •  Registration of Lands, Buildings, Administrative and Commercial Seats, Touristic and Residential Resorts
  • Registration of Granted Lands whether it was via private sale or via Action for declaration of title of land
  • Registration of Inheritance Title
  • Registration and Redemption of Mortgages
  • Registration of Concession rights
  • Registration of Coparcener Rights
  • Registration of Contracts of sale for the foreigners and dealing with Foreigners Possessing Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice
  • Handling any matter related to the Deeds Registry


  • Authentication of Agency contracts in case of sale or management
  • Authentication  of Foreigners Marriage whether it was between two Foreigners or between an Egyptian and a Foreigner
  • Authentication of Rent contracts and footing them with the executive form and the mandatory power
  • Accomplishment of  any agency matter and authentication procedures

Registrations, Permits and Approvals


  • Registration of Artistic works
  • Registration and Protection of  Brands
  • Registration of Patent
  • Registration of Industrial Examples
  • Registration and Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Registration of Commercial Agency Contracts in Egypt
  • Registration of Encyclopedias and Literature
  • Registration of Web-Sites and Electronic Programs
  • Registration  of Import Permits
  • Registration  of Export Permits
  • Registration of Drugs
  • Registration of Medical Requirement
  • Registration of Medical Devices
  • Registration of Restaurants, Cafes and Franchise Contracts


  • Building Permit
  • Demolishing Permit
  • Upgrading Permit
  • Renovation and Restoration Permit
  • Adding Permit
  • Dividing Permit
  • Stores Permit
  • Pharmacies,  Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers and Labs Permit


  • Procuration of  Occupational Approval for Satellite Channels
  • Procuration of  Occupational Approval for Free Zone Corporations
  • Procuration of  Industrial Approval and acquisition of Industrial Record
  • Procuration of  Stay Approval for Foreigners whether it was in purpose of Work, Investment, Therapy or Tourism

Enforcement of Judgments and Debts Collection

Enforcement of Judgments:

  • Ability to enforce any Penal or Civil Judgment with the aid of a list of ex-Police Officers

Debts Collection:

  • Ability to reach the client and collect the debt with the aid of a list of high trained employees to use our legal institution data base

The Ability to deal with the following Authorities

  • Investment and Free Zone Authority
  • Mortgage Finance Authority
  • Insurance Supervisory Authority
  • General Organization for Export and Import Control
  • Industrial Development Authority
  • Standardization and Quality Organization
  • National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  • Consumer Protection Agency
  • Federation of Chambers of Commerce
  • Federation  of Egyptian Industries
  • Technology Incubation Department in The Ministry of Communications
  • Commercial Registry Authority